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       The British-Chinese Chamber of Commerce originated from the British Business Association established in China in 1981. At that time, it was an informal association represented by the British company in China. In 1992, the Chamber of Commerce was formally registered in October 1993 after being elected as a qualified member of the Association and amending its statutes.

       The establishment of the British and Chinese chambers of commerce is intended to promote the trade and business environment between China and Britain. Problems and necessary links to be considered in business activities between China and Britain. To provide the Governments of China and the United Kingdom or other relevant organizations with the information sought by their members and to provide appropriate and necessary constructive advice to Governments in developing their methodologies and policies, and to provide trade and business forums for the collection and distribution of views and information. Collect information for the goals of the British Chamber of Commerce in China in a timely manner and cooperate with existing organizations in China.

       As the independent voice of the British business community in China: accurately feedback its members 'opinions for important events in the development of business between China and the United Kingdom. Through senior officials briefings, professional forums, and the Internet, it has widely received news and opinions. Published in the form of the quarterly magazine "British Business in China".

       Division I was invited to participate in the liaoshen business forum organized by the British and Chinese chambers of commerce, and introduced the antimicrobial stainless steel products, in the on-site interaction to provide antimicrobial stainless steel tableware as a gift, members of the British and Chinese Chamber of commerce gave a high rating against the antimicrobial stainless steel tableware.

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