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The Hannover Industrial Fair was described by President Obama as "the world's leading industrial technology exhibition." German Chancellor Angela Merkel called it "the biggest industrial event". It is the Hannover Industrial Fair, the world's leading industrial technology exhibition, which attracts political and business leaders from all over the world every year. Industry 4.0 is booming, and the Hanno Industrial Fair has been a powerful promoter of this theme from the very beginning.

The Hannover Industrial Fair, held at the Hanover Exhibition Centre in Germany from 1 to 5 April, will showcase a complete set of industrial technologies ranging from automation and robotics, software and IT, power transmission and fluid technology to integrated energy systems, subcontracting and lightweight design and research and development. The exhibition takes the theme of "Industrial Integration-Interconnection and Cooperation" as its theme and builds an international platform for industry 4.0. It covers six major exhibitions of integrated automation and power transmission technology exhibition, digital chemical plant exhibition, energy exhibition, air pressure and vacuum technology exhibition, industrial spare parts and sub-contracting technology exhibition, research and technology exhibition. Participate in the world's leading industrial technology exhibition, master professional industry information. The six major theme professional exhibitions are held simultaneously. Suppliers and users gather together to showcase new technologies and discover new business opportunities. About 6551 exhibitors and 225,000 spectators from 88 countries and regions participated in the exhibition.



Division I actively respond to the government's policy measures to expand imports and exports of enterprises, the Institute of Metals of the Chinese Academy of Sciences research on the new metal materials-antimicrobial stainless steel to the Hannover Industrial Fair. We set up a booth in the research and technology exhibition hall of Hall 2 of the Hannover Industrial Fair to fully display the future metal technology trends, China's core competitiveness and independent development capabilities. During the exhibition, it has won wide attention from world-renowned manufacturers and international circles. At the same time, we are actively looking for partners in the exhibition, the purpose is to put our innovative technology and materials into mass production, creating future cooperation opportunities with all sectors of the international community.

During the exhibition, Wangjingming, deputy director of the Liaoning Provincial Department of Commerce, visited our booth and had in-depth communication with our deputy general manager. He learned about our innovative technology and materials. In addition, Wangjingming, deputy director of the Liaoning Provincial Department of Commerce, publicized the government's policies and measures to support enterprises in expanding imports and exports, and encouraged me to firmly establish confidence in opening up the international market.

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